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Handa Shows Oodles Of Talent On Fantastic New Single

Jul 31, 02:07pm

The Delhi-based musician-rapper-singer-pianist is on point on ‘Chookar’
 Photo Courtesy: Handa

Ayush Handa is a Delhi-based artist who is a trained classical pianist, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist. He has released a couple of singles so far that are a pretty clear statement of his proficiency. As if all that isn’t enough, it turns out he’s a talented songwriter too; his latest single ‘Chookar’ has everything you would want to hear in two and a half minutes of hip-hop that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

The instrumental is the star of the show here. The nimble piano runs that start the song are simply delicious and suck you into its spirit of fun before you know it. Ayush’s nimble playing and his (obviously) great understanding of melody are on full display. ‘Chookar’ keeps going from strength to strength throughout the remainder of its two and a half minutes (the song is short but leaves you wanting more). The drums and bass are great, the synths add texture when they are present, and Ayush’s half-sung half-spoken delivery is fun enough that it doesn’t sound like he’s super serious about sounding perfect, which is a great vibe. The song’s main melodic passage is an absolute delight and is without doubt the most addictive thing about the track.

More than anything else, Ayush shows that he has all the tools required to make classy, light-hearted but endlessly replay-able music. That spirit is a great thing to have, and even on your tenth listen, ‘Chookar’ will impress. It is accompanied by an animated video that is similarly fun and colourful, so all in all, it’s a W.


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