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Festacorn Vocalist Drops New Single- Cyanide Dream

Aug 03, 03:53pm

Vivek Jha drops his sophomore single as part of his solo project  
 Photo Courtesy: Vivek Jha Social Pages

Vivek Jha, vocalist of Mumbai-based Prog Metal band, Festacorn intends to introspect with his solo effort as as a musician and an individual dealing with themes of existentialism. His new single “Cyanide Dream” deals with addiction and invokes a myriad of emotions while offering an insight into his love-hate relationship with it. The grunge-rock vibe of the track is reminiscent of the 90’s era and Jha manages to create a unique blend of his voice and words immersed in a sonic world of dark guitar sounds.


“I am looking to build an anthological story and hopes to connect with listeners on an existential level.”
- Vivek Jha




Listen below:




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