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Ashwin Iyer Does A Short And Sweet EP Of No-Frills Bedroom Pop

Aug 05, 03:11pm

‘Poetry On A Bus’ is seven minutes of sweet and simple songwriting
 Photo Courtesy: Shloka Pandey

Ashwin Iyer is a Chennai-based songwriter and producer. His latest EP ‘Poetry On A Bus’ is a pithy two tracks long and features seven minutes of music (the word EP is obsolete enough that it can be used in any sense nowadays); the fact that there isn’t a whole lot to it is its selling point. It’s simply written, simply produced and is an uncomplicated listening experience.

The two tracks feature three collaborators (Hrday Sunil on guitar, Prashanth Venkat on bass and Pratyush Shankar aka nobodyinhere on vocals) and have very little in the way of extra production besides some keyboards and some subtle backing vocals. This means that there are two-three things to focus on here: good vocals, simple grooves and a melody that sticks in your head. This two-pack is as long as a medium length prog song, so it’s very easy to dip into and out of. In fact, that is what makes these two tracks good at what they do. ‘No Escape’ is a strong vocal with a little texture, and ‘Poetry On A Bus’ (track 2 of 2) is an easygoing waltz-y groove with some keys for atmosphere and some solid melodies that anyone can get into. This is not a release that demands anything from the listener; you don’t need to concentrate on it or be super invested in the (suitably cute and heartwarming) story being told with the lyrics. This is music to listen to when you want to take a very short break from life, and for that it’s about right.


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