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Aman Jagwani Takes You To A Place With Dense New Single - A Good Place

Feb 09, 02:29pm

‘Hope’ features collaborator Anubha Kaul and has some fantastic production

Back in the old days (which might be two decades ago or just last week), there was a word used to describe music, ‘phat’. It meant something that filled the listener’s ears (that’s an approximation but it’s close enough). This new single ‘Hope’ from Mumbai artists Aman Jagwani and Anubha Kaul, could be described as such, but that’s only part of the story. There’s a lot of interesting things going on under the production hood here, and that’s emblematic of something we’re seeing (the common usage of this phrase shows how much old things are coming back again) today, which is very well composed chamber pop with faux-orchestral touches. The singular approach of decades preceding is now back.

The language is decidedly different. Jazzy chords and lush instrumentation take the place of what is normally a more pop-oriented presentation. Anubha’s vocals are excellent and occupy a more intimate space that the more soaring place one might expect. Anyone familiar with Bonobo’s Black Sands would enjoy the drum grooves on this tune (and if you aren’t, you should be). The track’s hidden beauty is actually in its length; it’s six and a half minutes long, so Aman finds tons on room to inject atmosphere and some legitimate beauty into the arrangement. All in all, ‘Hope’ is an example of finding things that work together and integrating them without fear. Yeah, this is a longform downtempo tune with synths, pop vocals and some jazzy grooves. But you can find each of those things on one listen. And that will bring you back for another. And another.


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