• Thu, Jun 1, 2023

AMAY Brings The Feel-Good Vibes

Jun 14, 05:39pm

His single ‘i wish (behind the tree)’ is a nice and sunny indie rock tune

Kolkata-based singer-songwriter Amay Lakhmani approaches indie rock from a rather studied angle on his happy-go-lucky new single ‘i wish (behind the tree)’. Don’t get it twisted, though; this song has all the elements you would expect from the side of the genre that deals with upliftment. However, Amay’s gameplan on this song is to eschew the generally raw and unbridled sound of this kind of music in favour of a more meticulous, poppy presentation. It works too; this single is perfect for the end of a journey, a roadtrip or the resolution of any emotional moments you might be going through. In short, it does what it’s supposed to do well.

The recipe for a driving, arena-chanting 2010s rock tune is very much present. There’s the eminently danceable and high-tempo drums, the play-and-do-the-horns chords that present themselves as big ol’ strums, and of course, the hook. This song has the gang vocals of a pop-punk tune but it is at times set against electronic drums, synths and (pitched?) sampled tabla. Add the wistful and relevant subject matter (why can’t men emote?) and it’s pretty much a complete picture. The song’s biggest strength however is its production. The guitars pop. The drums are phat. All the other instrumentation provides colour without getting in the way. Amay has a pretty clean and clear voice but he layers it to give it some much-needed body. This is movie-trailer quality, and it deserves that sort of attention; it's accessible while being quite well crafted. That’s a modern approach that gives this sort of sound some semblance of nostalgia. And it should give you a nice three-odd minutes too.


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