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Assam Band Thou Shall Avenge Bring Metalcore Back

Jun 20, 05:30pm

It’s time to get those young, rebellious emo vibes back in your life

So are metalcore and hardcore re-entering the scene? That recent Bring Me The Horizon EP wasn’t bad by any means, and it seems like of all things, this is a sound that’s making a comeback. That’s pretty great news and the new single from Jorhat’s Thou Shall Avenge, ‘You Can’t Chain Us Forever’, is a striking reminder of how cool (sure, it’s always been on the cheesy side at times but that’s part of its charm) this genre used to be. Hell, maybe it’s even time to grow one’s hair out, wear black and never smile again. Sounds like a great time, to be fair.

Sonic nostalgia aside, as a metalcore song, ‘You Can’t Chain Us Forever’ is a damned good first effort. The idea with making this work is that the elements of the sound do most of the heavy lifting by their very nature, and Thou Shall Avenge make sure they check off pretty much every box. Riffs that play every single note of their time signature ‘grid’ are fully in attendance, and the rhythm guitar backs up the kick (of course, that doesn’t even need to be said). The production, while clear, does lack a bit of the top end that makes music like this stick and the drums sound a little too phat on occasion, but the mix has enough oomph that the characteristic rhythmic ‘stabs’ hit hard. The melodic elements of the pre-chorus (if one can call it that) are very much around too; there has to be some clean vocals and the band makes short work of that. And to top it all off, after the song has ended (but not really), it does the fake out that has probably been hallowed in the halls of time by now and delivers a breakdown that is more rhythmic than melodic but does the job. Here’s the thing about this song and Thou Shall Avenge; it’s their debut. There are some imperfections, but what matters is that they nail the vibe of the sound they’re going for. And guess what, your teenage angst will come flooding back to you on first listen. That’s a pretty good result to start off as a metalcore band. Good on them.


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