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Kamakshi Khanna Teams Up With OAFF For Potent New Effort

Jun 22, 05:12pm

‘Duur’ is pretty quiet in its sonic palate but loud in its emotional resonance
 Photo Courtesy: Arsh Grewal

Kamakshi Khanna doesn’t particularly miss with her releases; her general popularity in the indie scene seems to back that up. ‘Duur’, this new single from her and Mumbai producer OAFF is a quiet and cinematic little song with some great piano, nice brooding chords and obviously, good production. In fact, it is understated to the point that one might not even notice how well every little thing is executed until a second or third listen. That’s when the song’s feel and vibe starts to shine through.

This track has lyrics from Sameer Rahat and drums from Karun Kannampilly so even the personnel attached to this are top-tier. However, it’s the song relatively low-key presentation that impresses and might surprise. Her vocals are surrounded by some really wonderful synth and piano sounds; these lend a warmth to the mix that is hard to ignore. But in general, it’s simple. It’s all about the hook, of course; Kamakshi says she’s had that idea lying around for a few years now and it’s a good thing she found a home for it, because it’s almost custom-built to sing along to. It’s easy, it’s melodic and it’s sweet. The drums make an appearance in the song’s second half and sort of ground it in this mournful, slow lilt; the characteristic upping of the energy is conspicuous by its absence here. However, when you give ‘Duur’ a little time and maybe a little more attention, it comes to life. The piano goes from just nice chords to a genuinely emotional element, Kamakshi’s background vocals come through with colour, and Karun’s drumming almost drops the track into its most poignant section. The lyrics start to generate points on the Feels-O-Meter, all the sounds come together and the picture is complete. The thing is that such a song (just three minutes and without too many stabs of energy) does sound disjointed and a bit vacuous on casual listening. But a little time and a couple listens later, it’ll be worth your while.


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