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ANUSHKA Gives Defiance A Sleek And Nocturnal Spin On New Single

Aug 26, 03:56pm

‘Take’, her second release, has a slightly left-field but glossy touch to it

Honestly, if the internet wasn’t such a rude place, some art forms would look a bit different to what they are now. Many musicians, for example, have always faced opposition for a variety of reasons. But the sheer amount of vitriol some people have to face online and consequently in real life cannot be ignored and is something that genuinely influences real-life art. Anushka Menon, a photographer and now musician, puts these thoughts into her second single ‘Take’ and pairs it up with some dark, textured production from Sid Vashi and a well shot music video.

Judging from the relatively indirect lyrics, ‘Take’ deals with treating negativity with positive things and compassion and so on, but the song itself has a slightly more biting edge to it. The production is forward-thinking and a bit left of centre with its restrained drums and static synths; the section is the middle of the track where Anushka’s vocals are all reversed and all instrumentation is replaced by one pounding kick (albeit just for a few seconds) is one among many interesting touches the song uses to keep the listener on their toes. Her voice is on the quiet and whispery side, but it fits with the similarly held back instrumentation. All in all, though, along with its music video (which features some pretty sick choreography), there is the smallest hint of abrasiveness to ‘Take’, and that is what gathers focus.


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