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Metal Supergroup Hollow Point Crushes Skulls With Debut Offering

Aug 21, 10:24am

‘Downfall’ has expectedly brutal sounds but there is a certain finesse on show

Hollow Point is a band that has members from Gutslit, Devoid and Godless, so there’s no point having some long preamble about how heavy their music is going to be. While it is wrong to assume that their output would be the same as their other ventures, there is something rather controlled and assured about ‘Downfall’, their crushing debut single.

Hollow Point was formed during lockdown; in a time when everything has stopped, something new starting is interesting. On being asked what made the Indian metallers form a new band now, bassist (and of Gutslit) Gurdip Singh Narang says, "The idea to form the band has being discussed by almost all of us over the last few years. The final calls happened over a span of a few days during lockdown .The process of writing was actually quite simple.” Him and the other members (Abbas, Aaron and Arun Iyer from Godless, Gutslit and Devoid respectively) recorded in their home studio setups.

‘Downfall’ is definitely heavy and brutal in equal measure over its relatively short but sweet three minutes. The mix is extremely clean and almost glossy, which gives the song an almost classy feel (that is rarely a word that’s used while stereotypically thinking about blast beats, distorted guitars and growls, but the way all these elements sound that shows a level of quality). It doesn’t take long (after a protracted intro) for things to go from 0 to 100 with furious blast beats and a riff that can only be described as heavy. The band sounds extremely together as well; it’s not like everyone’s off in a corner showing off on their own. A lot of times, shoddily made metal doesn’t sound cohesive in any way, but Hollow Point makes sure they avoid that. The breakdown is also much more of an energetic section than a low and slow grind that makes you feel like you’re trapped in slow motion. All in all, there is an element of fun and freedom that permeates ‘Downfall’, and that’s what makes it worth connecting with.


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