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The Latest Single By Ghoshpop Is A Brilliant Ode To Bengal

Aug 19, 03:11pm

Sayantika aka Ghoshpop goes back to her roots and releases an endearing Bengali track “AamiBanglar”  

What strikes you first with 'Aami Banglar' is the flawless presentation of the song in terms of composition and production aesthetics. Sayantika Ghosh aka Ghoshpop is a dream-pop artist, multilingual singer-songwriter, music programmer and vocal producer from Kolkata. This latest release successfully highlights folk weaved in through poetry, melody and some delightful syncopated rhythm structures. 

The track aims to talk about the many avatars of Bengal’s people, nature and culture; some that people know of and some not so known, exploring Bengal beyond the literary and cultural wonders that it is most celebrated for. "Aami Banglar" is Sayantika’s first song in Bengali with earlier music being mostly in English.


“This song simply speaks of all things that make Bengal fascinating and make us Bengalis who we are. It’s a song which reflects my nostalgia. ”
- Ghoshpop about "Aami Banglar"





Ghoshpop’s songs often talk of nostalgia, relationships and fantastical stories.  She released her debut  EP, Yesterday Forever in 2018 and showcased at Hollywood, LA.

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