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Bhopal Musician Sankalp Is Inspired By Uncertainty On Latest Single

Aug 17, 03:47pm

Sankalp’s latest single “Crystal Ball” deals with the themes of love, hope and finding oneself in the midst of chaos. 

Singer-songwriter Sankalp is also a multi-instrumentalist from Bhopal and has been making music since he was 10 yrs old. His latest single “Crystal Ball” is inspired by uncertainty which he believes is the only constant in people’s lives today. Written, produced and engineered by Sankalp, his voice being the driving factor and skills as a songwriter coming through radiantly, he has also filmed and directed the music video.


“With people losing jobs, staying in quarantine and missing out on much needed human interaction, "uncertainty" is the only constant in many people's lives right now and this song is my own way of dealing with life and I hope that people feel the same.”
- Sankalp



Sankalp’s journey as a musician since an early age has seen him through studying Audio / Music Production at SAE Institute in London whilst simultaneously performing over 200 shows for over a period of year and half in the underground music circuit. Back now in India he is preparing for his debut album. “Crystal Ball” is a good introduction to his world of sound and music. With loads of potential as a songwriter, Sankalp might just evolve into a promising artist to look out for in the very near future. 

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