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Zohran Miranda Explores The Old School On New Single

Aug 11, 04:47pm

‘Wonder’ incorporates the irresistible grooves from old funk and rock while sounding jumpy and fresh
 Photo Courtesy: Nelson Lord Xalxo

Mumbai producer and guitarist Zohran Miranda has been in the game for a long time and done a bunch of work as a session musician. His new single ‘Wonder’ uses some influences from the old worlds of furious funk grooves and choruses you can sing along to while being out of breath from physical exertion, but the energy it has is palpable and keeps it from sounding too dated. It is pretty nostalgic, though.

‘Wonder’ lives and dies on its tight, groovy rhythm section. It doesn’t take a student of the form to appreciate the groove and delicious bassline the song is built in. The tempo is also to be noted; the song has a barn-burning speed and urgency to it that encourages dangerous levels of head-nodding if you like that sort of thing. Zohran’s guitar playing is also on show here, albeit not through a bunch of noodling. His rhythm guitar is secretly one of the main driving forces in the track and keeps everything immovably tight. His vocals are pretty much another instrument in terms of how they, along with everything else, serve that groove. And there’s no secret that that’s the main thing about the song. It’s one dense block of groove. And you can’t ignore it.


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