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Sarfaad Successfully Blends Metal And Electronic Textures

Aug 14, 04:08pm

Their single ‘Dog Days’ features a truckload of fresh ideas and sounds

Mumbai metal band Sarfaad has only released two singles so far but show a lot of promise with their handling of sound and genre. The second, ‘Dog Days’ is an example of their willingness to include a variety of influences into a punchy and impactful track. There is the anger of metal and metalcore but there is also a level of subtlety with its electronic influences and slick production. That is not a particularly easy thing to pull off, but the band does it with aplomb.

The three minute track has a intro that has tinges of djent and doom in its sounds, but the song quickly shifts into its main sonic palate of hip-hop drums, 808s, heavy guitars, synths and growls. As if that isn’t a lot to stomach, the song again goes into a breakdown and then a slowed-down sections with guitars that threaten to launch but never actually do. The entire song has an off-kilter and uncomfortable vibe to it and switches tempo and time seemingly at random points. There is method to all of this, however; ‘Dog Days’ still maintains a clear flow and the zillion different sections of the track feel cohesive. Sarfaad aren’t throwing mud in your face every few seconds to laugh at you; they seem to know what they’re doing.


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