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Kanishk Seth Cuts Deep In His New Single

Aug 18, 04:27pm

‘Thehra’ is absolutely soaked in heartbreak

Singer-songwriter Kanishk Seth has a lot of music under his belt. His band the Kanishk Seth Trio does a lot of Sufi-Electronic fusion, he’s worked on films, and he’s been putting out material as a solo artist. All this work and pedigree results in some really well-crafted music; his single ‘Thehra’ combines simplicity and attention to detail with an emotional weight that punches you in the gut.

The three minutes of ‘Thehra’ are relentlessly melancholy. There is minimal electronic percussion and some of the most mournful keys you’ll hear. His voice is buttery smooth but held a tad back in the mix; it’s almost like he’s drowning in the full, disconsolate textures around him. Kanishk is singing about unrequited love, which is far from a surprise, but the sheer hopelessness he brings out is something to behold. Add to that the excellent last minute of the song where it shifts into a more layered and nuanced space but keeps the overall mood, and you have a song that has a hell of a lot of replay value. If you are in the same headspace as Kanishk is here, ‘Thehra’ will absolute crush you. In a good way, of course. This is cathartic, remember?


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