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Listen To The Catchy New Single From Mumbai Producer ButtonChutney

Aug 28, 03:44pm

Featuring Berlin singer-songwriter Kaja, ‘Under My Skin’ has real pop appeal

Mumbai producer ButtonChutney makes music that lives largely in the electronic world and its many offshoots. Going by his new single ‘Under My Skin’, it seems like he (his name’s Utkarsh Amanpuri) has a penchant for the sentimental pop side of things; the track has zero pretense and exists only for the unique emotional impact that sugary and wobbly bass and impossible-to-ignore accessible vocals get you. And it excels at it.

The future bass-tinged (which we laypeople might hear as a sweeter and more agreeable cousin of dubstep that happens to have nice drops and more melodic sounds) sound used here is something we’ve heard in many an emotional 2010s playlist or game-related compilation video, but maybe it gets a pretty bad rep because of it. Here it’s treated with no small amount of care; the explosion of bass and drums is reserved for the predictably good drops while the verse sections are way more toned down. The synths, vocal chops and guitars form a simple foundation for vocals from Berlin artist Kaja Riedle; her voice is custom-made for the pop treatment used here. It might be a bit sweet or old for some, but th song's extremely catchy and addictive sections dispel some doubts. The instrumentation sort of blooms, the vocal melodies are the kind that get stuck fast in your head, and whatever serves as a drop works. In a way, ‘Under My Skin’ saves itself from being stereotyped and boxed too quickly because at its heart, it’s just a solid tune.


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