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Itra Release Cozy New Single

Aug 29, 04:09pm

Despite its slightly offbeat subject matter, ‘Dhumrapaan’ is simple and rather relatable

The new song ‘Dhumrapaan’ from songwriting duo Itra was released last month (we are still in 2020) and deals with the wildly contemplative and sacred act of… smoking (injurious to health). Yes, that’s right; in a world riddled with complicated metaphors, social commentary, existential fear, a pandemic and the like, ‘Dhumrapaan’ is about the simple concept of how the character portrayed in the song uses the idea of smoking to transport themselves away from the complicated crap chute of the real world. What is truly interesting is that Itra makes something pretty real and relatable out of it.

There are barely any brass tacks to get down to here. Itra is Vinod Patney And Naren Thota; one does the lyrics while the latter does the instrumentation. The song is relatively bare-bones and has the indie and pop sounds a lot of singer-songwriter fare uses today. It’s recorded fairly well and has a little bit of strings to accentuate the mood. But all that isn’t particularly important here; what is, is that ‘Dhumrapaan’ sort of accomplishes its goal in the end. It does provide a break from the world we live in the same way the person being sung about seeks respite in their vice. That ends up turning a relatively odd premise into a surprisingly pleasant four minutes of listening.


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