• Sun, Sep 25, 2022

Arindam Tripathy Plays It Safe On Warm Single

Sep 12, 04:57pm

‘Is Roshni Mein’ stays on the beaten path with sweet results


It isn’t difficult to understand why acoustic-backed pop music has been one of the mainstays in our independent music scene for a long time now. You can dive into genres and find any number of niches; take risks and experiment with nothing but your own confidence to back your artistic choices. But the simple act of picking up a guitar and singing from the heart ticks the most number of boxes as far as finding listenership is concerned. It needs a simple amount of production, it’s always honest so there isn’t a question of intergrity or ‘selling out’, and most importantly, it’s easy to listen to. Even the most hardboiled music aficionado cannot live forever without just sitting back and putting a nice, non-intrusive melody on from time to time, and that’s what songwriter Arindam Tripathy goes for on his single ‘Is Roshni Mein’. And it’s a nice little tune, which shows good execution.

This particular route needs no introduction or real breaking down, it’s been spoken about ad nauseum and it’s a standard blueprint. What is interesting here is the percussion, which has a groove that has more vernacular tinges that some standard Western ideas. The rest of it has everything that would make a pop fan happy. There’s acoustic guitar in the lead role with the increase in energy at the song’s end supplied by a couple of layers of electric guitar. That’s a nice little touch, and Arindam puts in some vocal layers to supplement his hooks. That’s about it, honestly; it’s a warm and short song with direct ideas and even more direct execution. Sometimes one can say a lot about a piece of music, but sometimes there isn’t much to say at all. There’s only listening, and ‘Is Roshni Mein’ merits that.


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