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Sasanka Das Makes The Heart Flutter

Sep 03, 05:32pm

His single ‘Porixima’ is a love song whether you understand it or not

New Delhi singer-songwriter Sasanka Das likes the charm of the modern pop love song quite a bit. His EP ‘Someday Somehow’ was chock full of them and his latest single ‘Porixima’ is another entrant in that space. It’s in Assamese, it’s written by Daisy Barman and it’s every bit the swooner it’s composed to be. We all like a soppy, sugary and light pop tune from time to time, but it only works if it isn’t completely self-indulgent or on the other end of the spectrum, which is a song built so much to please everybody that it has no personality of its own. ‘Porixima’ is somewhere in a comfortable middle.

Sasanka’s vocals are very smooth, sterile and clear; this is all to be expected in the pop universe. His delivery is also quite confident and strong; there’s no half-whispering or heavy modulation to be had here. This very upfront presentation is supported by some very nice acoustic guitar chords and some drums. There’s some lead guitar that peeks its head round the corner when a tiny bit of extra flavour, but the melodies chosen are almost overtly accessible. That’s fine though, because they’re pretty honest. That, in the case of a song like this, is all that matters. The layered vocals that round out the song are not perfect, but they have personality and the big ol’ refrain and solo they lead into is worth the wait. ‘Porixima’ isn’t for thinking caps, but it’s for a good four minutes of listening.


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