• Sun, Sep 25, 2022

O Daapun Brings The Old Days Back

Sep 21, 05:25pm

‘Don’t You Drop’ is about as turn-of-the-century you can get

Guwahati double act O Daapun has built up something of a catalogue of single over the past year and change, putting out some pretty well crafted pop music with a generally smile-y vibe. Their new effort, ‘Don’t You Drop’ takes all those things up a notch, showing the brothers’ (they’re brothers) penchant for ‘Vh1 Pop’, horn arrangement and all. It’s some pretty good stuff, and if you’re a 90s kid, especially so. Relive those memories you forgot about.

The vibe of the song is very much of a couple decades ago, but you can hear just how very crisp the production is. Every element is super clean, really really clear and stands out when it needs to. It’s actually a big part of why the track does what it sets out to; when they want the horns to come through, they do with force. The same goes for the rare moments where some layered vocals come in. O Daapun maximises every little facet of their songwriting throughout the song’s almost four minutes. There’s a bright guitar solo. The verse of the tune is easily the nicest section of the thing, and it’s supported by some nice organ and some well-placed, punctuated drum hits. The drums themselves are flowy and full of fills, which are sometimes lost in the mix but provide a nice little surprise when your ear eventually finds them. ‘Don’t You Drop’ is an example of an artist making specific sonic decisions and making sure they’re doing justice to every single one. That’s good writing, and definitely makes for good listening. So go do so.


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