• Sat, Sep 23, 2023

Lifeform Drops Eclectic New Single

Sep 27, 11:49am

‘Awareness’ is an absolute trip

There are a bunch of instrumental bands popping up these days, and Delhi band Lifeform is bringing their own flavour of their influences to the table. Their single ‘Awareness’ sounds like if you gave Nerve a bit of time to reflect on itself and play some 90s video games, and the results are wonderful. There’s jazziness, some electronic fun and a deep understanding of the sounds involved. But most importantly, the band shows a ton of personality and some panache. If this is the direction we are headed, there are only good things to expect.

The song lives and dies on its phat drum mix and off-kilter grooves, and this is the rhythmic heart of the tune. It is ably supported by lava lamp-bass, some really cool synths and a bunch of wide-ranging textures. Things stay relatively constant as far as energy is concerned, but the transitions more than make up for it. There’s also some great playing on offer. The drumming is super tight, the basslines are a bit synthetic but have the low-end growl we all love to hear. The groove that appears about halfway through the track is especially fun and oddly danceable, all the synths turned up and giving the arrangement body. The track gets rounded out with with a spoken sample, which gives the song a bit of a meditative vibe. This is not by accident, the band goes for an exploration of that repetitive, incolved vibe on this song and their EP. But this is a great sign of things to come for the band and a statement of trying something new in a scene that is still trying to get out of its earlier singer-songwiter-dominated space. These are good things.


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