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Baatein Is A Delicate New Love Song By Nisa Shetty

Jul 13, 03:00pm

Nisa Shetty drops a new single “Baatein” written in lockdown 
 Photo Courtesy: Nisha Shetty

Nisa Shetty drops a new single “Baatein” featuring guitar player Drake Duffer and pianist Oliver Glynn who she met through organising gigs in New York city. Baatein is a delicate song about estranged lovers as Nisa's words and voice encapsulate a world of two people and things left unsaid between them. 





Shetty has been through a journey in a music through her stints with acting at Disney in their first huge musical Beauty and The Beast in India, performing on the reality show The Stage and releasing a single earlier this year with producer Clinton Cerejo. 


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