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Loose Puppets Is A Rock Band With Heft And Personality

Jul 13, 04:16pm

Their single ‘House On Fire’ is a hell of a ride
 Photo Courtesy: Loose Puppets

Do you like 3-pieces? If so, permit yourself a little fist-pump. They aren’t dead just yet. At least Loose Puppets, a Chandigarh-based indie rock outfit has something to say about it. Their last single ‘House On Fire’ is a slow-burner with style and substance that challenges the listener to pay attention. But it’s worth the time, because the result is really good.

‘House On Fire’ is almost six minutes long. It doesn’t really progress towards anything for almost three of those minutes, consisting merely of an acoustic guitar and a bunch of ambient electric guitars. There is what can be characterized as a protracted verse with really solid vocals and a general air of uncertainty. A lot of prog rock-adjacent bands patented this brooding and vaguely dark vibe; the band pulls it off with aplomb here. By the time drums and a bunch of thick, noisy guitars start to dominate the mix, the band does exactly what they set out to do; create a journey that truly rewards you for your patience. The multiple crescendos and ear-filling noise is exhilarating and well worth your time. One of the most important things about the song is its simplicity instrumentally; sure, there are a lot of layers and a substantial amount of extra production, but at their heart, Loose Puppets are a 3-piece writing unit and the unmistakable rawness and directness that causes come through here.

One could say that there isn’t much to the track if one looks at it from a distance; it’s quiet-loud and it’s relatively simplistic in its outlook. But if you care about that, you are ignoring the fact that the track’s main strength is its ability to build atmosphere. ‘House On Fire’ is not for thinking, it’s for feeling.


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