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I Am Strikes From NYC Balances Hope And Euphoria On New Single

Jul 11, 02:30pm

‘Whatever Makes You Want To Die Less’ has an irresistible energy to it
 Photo Courtesy: I Am Strikes

A lot of indie-pop indie rock and music has always had a poppy and feel-good aspect to it, as it should; it was made to be rootsy, accessible and catchy. I Am Strikes is a New York based guitarist and songwriter; the first single from her upcoming release ‘Casual Doom, Then Death’ brings something relatively uncommon to the genre’s many tropes; energy and volume. This is feel-good music to let yourself go to.

‘Whatever Makes You Want To Die Less’ (a rather morbid way to look at a silver lining) is primarily a driving piece of indie rock which is made extremely compelling by a tinge of darkness, especially in the song’s chorus, which is a relatively sudden explosion of loud guitars and distortion; it catches you off guard and gives the song some great replay value. In fact, the stringent guitar tones and generally thick production give the song a heaviness that is its best quality. Whenever the volume is kicked up and the energy goes through, it transcends the usual head-nodding quality that the genre inspires. Yes, this is a happy-go-lucky and generally positive track, but its sudden and punchy bursts of heaviness give it an edge that is so, so satisfying. The drums are phat, the bass is big and the elements that punch you in the face are layered for maximum effect.

Indie rock has always evoked feelings akin to the credits rolling at the end of some sweet movie. With ‘Whatever Makes You Want To Die Less’, I Am Strikes gives you the opportunity to feel happy and break something at the same time. It’s a pretty fun combo.


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