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Advaita Guitarist Abhishek Mathur Launches Synth Pop Project

Jul 06, 03:54am

Abhishek Mathur drops debut single off new Synth-pop project feat. Amartya Ghosh
 Photo Courtesy: Plan 17, Abhishek Mathur


Abhishek Mathur, founding member and guitar player of the contemporary fusion band Advaita has launched a new project called Plan 17 and dropped its debut single “Hold The Line”. Mathur has produced the track and brings on Delhi based singer-songwriter Amartya Ghosh to feature on it. The tension between technology and intimacy is central to the lyrics written and sung by Ghosh invoking the metaphor of disturbances in the phone line.


“Plan 17 is not intended to be a revivalist project, but inspired by concepts like ‘Hauntology’, which see the resurgence of the 80’s techno-utopian aesthetic as a return to ‘the memory of a lost future’.”
- Abhishek Mathur, Plan 17





Abhishek Mathur dives deeper into his love for textural and layered constructs creating a memorable sonic experience. Plan 17 has been work in progress since two years, resulting in successful melding of his signature ambient guitar playing with a fascination for the synth-pop, experimenting with analog synthesizers, drum machines and samplers. Not being a trained keyboardist, Abhishek finds his awkwardness with synthesisers creatively stimulating, in a way reminiscent of the sound of British post punk synth pop bands like New Order and Depeche Mode.


Listen below:



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