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Check Out A Catchy New Offering By Chaar Hazaari From Delhi

Jul 10, 02:57pm

‘Ki Tum Ho’ has enough singalong material to satisfy even the most dedicated bathroom singer
 Photo Courtesy: Chaar Hazaari

Delhi-based folk rock band Chaar Hazaari put out their self-titled debut full-length in 2017. Their latest single ‘Ki Tum Ho’ is the first off their upcoming album ‘Udne Do’ and is comfortably in the vein of the folk rock that the band calls home artistically. Anyone that has heard anything from the genre before will know what to expect; cheerful melodies, acoustic guitars, often 6/8 time and of course, most importantly, highly catchy elements. ‘Ki Tum Ho’ fulfills all of these.

It doesn’t subvert them at all, though. The band’s doesn’t seem to care about surprising the listener or catching them off guard. Instead, they aim to do what they do well, which is probably a wise choice, given they are relatively early into their career in terms of studio releases. The track has the rootsy arrangements, the 6/8 time, the acoustic guitars that are playing simple but very catchy chords and so on. Credit is due for the production on here, which is tight and full. The flute that pops up in a few transitory moments is also great. Even the electric guitars (which don’t do much at all) are welcome when they do show up. But most importantly, it’s catchy. And there is a deluge of elements to sing along to. The verse is great to sing to. So is the chorus. So it the bridge. So are the instrumental melodies. Pretty much the entire track is the embodiment of this spirit; it’s almost like Chaar Hazaari are inviting you in. One could say that predictability and treading a well-worn path of poppy stereotypes in the price you have to pay to achieve this, but then again, one might also be singing along too loud to say anything.


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