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Blue River Is First Of Many Upcoming Singles-Alisha Batth

Jul 10, 03:54pm

Alisha Batth, a singer-songwriter based in Mumbai,drops her new single —  Blue River ’
 Photo Courtesy: Alisha Batth

What strikes first when you listen to Blue River, the new Single By Alisha Batth is her incredibly expressive and skilfull singing voice. It consequently affirms the emotion of the song that is of liberation and introspective joy. Minimal production with an electric guitar and voice attribute the track’s vibe as indie-rock-folk, Blue River is a lyric-driven song that emerges from a place of honest heart. 





Blue River is inspired by visualisation of an energetic stream of calm, it speaks of the process of letting go, while allowing our truths to prevail”
- Alisha Batth 


Batth released her 6-track debut EP, Prologue, in 2018. Influences from the 90’s alternative space reflect in her sound as she talks of desires, forces of nature, love and walking through our fears. She promises, Blue River is the first of the upcoming singles set to release over the coming months.


Listen below:


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