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Sanjeev T Drops Chilled Out And Despondent New Single

Jul 05, 01:25am

‘Not A Love Song’ is the first offering from his upcoming album ‘Future’
 Photo Courtesy: Seemanth Sunil

Sanjeev T is a guitarist and songwriter from Chennai who has been making music and releasin material for almost a decade now; his new album, ‘Future’ is part of a long list of releases this year reflecting on the current state of things. The lockdown has changed everything about what we think as a race and how we are trying to come to grips with the constantly negative and precarious position we find ourselves in. The first single from this, ‘Not A Love Song’ is a clear but truthful acknowledgement of the fact that silver linings are in short supply nowadays.


“Future, is my interpretation of this lockdown and dedicated to this intense period in our lives”
- Sanjeev T

A collaboration between Sanjeev and singer/producer Native Indian (he promises more collaborations going forward), the track lives squarely in lo-fi hip-hop territory. The quiet and crackly ambience and warm electric pianos complement the equally low-profile drums as well as one would expect. But his expertise on the guitar is what makes the song.





The leads are spacey and noodly and all sort of good things. His vocals have influences of soul and are crafted to keep the energy low. The switches between spoken and sung are smooth in a way that someone like Frank Ocean would use (especially on his newer work). The change of vibe in the middle of the track is also very welcome and prevents ‘Not A Love Song’ from being a bore. It actually comes as a surprise that the track is five minutes long; there is enough happening that you barely feel the time go by.


As gloomy as it is, ‘Not A Love Song’ is Sanjeev quietly encouraging us to stay calm and strong in these times. Even though it is wrapped in the irony of there being nothing much to feel cheerful about, the message that ends up coming across is one of strength and relative peace. That’s something we can absolutely do with more of.


Listen below:



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