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Bengaluru Producer Father Son And Alcohol Releases Concise Electronic EP

Dec 12, 02:57pm

‘Night Of The Dead Living’ has about nine minutes of music and contains a couple of nice passages

There isn’t much complex, intricate writing or cavernous emotion to delve into or sink oneself in on Bengaluru electronic artist Father, Son & Alcohol’s debut EP ‘Night Of The Dead Living’, but there are sounds to enjoy for sure. Synthwave had a better decade than people expected, making 80s pop cool again in the mainstream and being a component of things like the vaporwave movement. Rahul Desai (the mind behind Father, Son & Alcohol) uses staples of those sounds with touches of a few other electronic subgenres to make up the two songs here.

The title track features Mumbai artist ‘Midnight Agenda’ and while there are doubtless tons of technical niceties on show, the thing that truly carries the track are the atmospheric layered synths, the super-punchy drums (to be expected) and the fun and game-trailer lead melody. There are also some supporting melodies that infuse a rather grand feeling into the track, especially in its latter half. The general lack of experimentation and unfamiliarity is traded here for solid building blocks and simple writing, and for a debut release, that’s most often the right way to do it. The only other song here, ‘S@ur@e’ (whether that’s just ‘Source’ or a word for multiple Saurons we might never know) continues the bitter vibe, but with a slightly more staccato presentation that you might find in old video game music and a tempo that lives in trip-hop territory in a sense. Things do pick up towards the end, but this is easily the more laid-back song of the two. And that’s it. Two interesting tracks that take up very little of your time and have a good vibe. That makes describing the virtues of ‘Night Of The Dead Living’ incredibly easy. If you’ve got ten minutes, give it a shot. He also has a new, glitchy single that has just come out following this.


Listen to 'Night Of The Dead Living' here.

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