• Thu, Oct 21, 2021

Delhi Three Piece BLEACHEAD Revel In Laid-Back Stoner Rock

Dec 11, 01:52pm

‘Fuzzpacker’ is a hypnotic and swirling piece of fuzzy goodness

It’s always wonderful to see a band take inspiration from the lava-flow power and richness of stoner rock and generally grungy musical spaces, so ‘Fuzzpacker’, the spirited new single from Delhi three-piece BLEACHEAD is a W before it even starts. The facts that they have nailed the more expansive but simple sound of the genre, have strong performances across the board and incorporate a bit of thrash and metal into their sound all go in the positive column.

There is a bit of old thrash-adjacent influence to be heard between the utterly beatific fuzzy riffage and doom-filled basslines. The vocals are very much in the throaty and yet melodic space that James Hetfield’s insane popularity almost did to death, but they work really really well here. A couple of growls are also chucked in for good measure. But what really stands out is the general songwriting; the band captures their vision of a dystopian post-death world really well. The genre does lend itself to the desert on a hot day with nothing else vibe, but it takes execution. BLEACHEAD does that and more with their nods to metal and their short but gut-punching transition (the sudden blast beat towards the end of track is especially great). This is a great outing for the band and will doubtless be followed by more.


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