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Bipul Chhetri Tugs At All Our Heartstrings On New Song

Mar 09, 05:49pm

‘Neela Akash’ is a tribute to Sonam Sherpa, but it’s also a general ode to loss
 Photo Courtesy: Anlesh Dangol, Bipul Chhetri

We recently lost Parikrama guitarist Sonam Sherpa, a huge figure in the independent music community and a man whose music and attitude inspired so many of us to pursue our artistic dreams. Bipul Chhetri hails from the same place as Mr.Sherpa, Kalimpong, and there’s no doubt his music would have touched him and inspired him as well. His single ‘Neela Akash’, echoes these sentiments and gives a broader message about loss and getting to grips with it.

It’s no secret that Bipul is an accomplished guitarist and vocalist, and that is pretty much the focus of this track. His voice is absolute butter and he has a cadence with his lyrics that lands softly and almost quietly. His control over his voice is impeccable here. The acoustic guitar that serves as the backbone for the whole thing is equally compelling; even though it doesn’t take center stage at any point, it’s complex, layered and pretty much carries the track on its back. There’s a bittersweet feel to every little element of the track; even the chords and vocal melodies Bipul chooses have a lilting, forlorn feel to them. There’s definitely a bit of indie and rock influence in the spirit of ‘Neela Akash’, but for the most part it is its own thing. There’s also a lot more content in the track than first meets the eye, which is due to his backing band that provides all sorts of different kinds of texture and feel. Aman Singh Rathore provides a steady but quiet pulse on drums, Pranai Gurung has a wailing and almost pained slide guitar lead and solo, Rahul Rai’s bass is very restrained but does its job, and keys from Achint Khare and Anindo Bose add all the atmosphere the song needs to hit you as hard as it does.



There’s a lot to be said for singing about positivity and all that, but a big part of art and life is celebrating sorrow and living in that space, if only for a little while. ‘Neela Akash’ comes from that place and it’s fine to feel the sadness and loss while you listen to its almost four minutes of music, because Bipul Chhetri is right there with you.



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