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Blood Brothers Are Doing Their Bit With New Single

May 16, 10:57am

The band has promised to pay double of their total streaming revenue from ‘Hope’ to a COVID relief fund
 Photo Courtesy: Blood Brothers

Anyone following the scene in the middle of the last decade (notably the competition circuit) might have noticed this. You’d be at some event of fest or show expecting some good music. A bunch of bands would play and then a couple of bands full of kids would turn up with their parents. They would then proceed to play their socks off and thoroughly embarrass all the other acts who’d been ‘practicing’ for ‘months’. Blood Brothers was formed in 2014. Their members were the ages of 12 and 8 at the time and they were completely married to the sounds of old-school metal and arena rock. They started writing their own music soon after and put out an album last year. Their new song ‘Hope’ is a sort of statement of the times and is for a good cause.

It is quite ridiculous to think that these guys are very much in their teens at this point and have already been a band for six years. There’s always that feeling of surprise you get when you hear how tight they are. ‘Hope’ is a ballad straight out of the arena era with its acoustic guitar and generally sentimental lyrics. It sounds full and clean; there are some strings and a guitar solo that rounds out the track before the last hail-mary chorus arrives, true to form. In today’s world, talented young people are popping up more than ever before, and these dudes write songs that sound as mature as anything people with much more ‘experience’ have written. Of course, the best thing about ‘Hope’ is that it’s not all about the song. The band is paying double the revenue from every play the track receives to a COVID relief fund. So in your tight schedule of propagating hoax theories, waiting in line for liquor, yelling political opinions and gossiping about anything and everything, find five minutes and give ‘Hope’ a play. Maybe you’d have done your good deed for the day.



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