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BODHI Flexes His Songwriting Chops On Moody New Release

Dec 03, 01:28pm

‘Darkest Days And Brightest Nights’ has a touch of theater and classic rock balladry to it

Bodhisattwa Ghosh needs barely any introduction considering how long he has been making quality music (a long time, if it wasn’t yet obvious). His albums and various collaborations have always shown him to a be not only a strong songwriter but also a gifted guitarist, and the lead single ‘Darkest Days And Brightest Nights’ from his new album of the same name certainly goes a long way in proving that notion once again. It’s a rock ballad with simple enough melodies and themes, of course, but it is in the execution that Bodhi shows his chops. And those he has.

The song is quite simply a rock song in the style of classic ballads; strings, pianos and acoustic guitars all make their required appearances. The chorus of the track is uplifting and a bit wistful, but its soaring lead vocals and harmonies do enough to keep it fresh. The song’s short interlude that splits it in two is a bit brooding and hints and greater things, and that’s exactly what happens next. After one of the coolest bass fills you’ll hear, the song enters the section that brings people back to such music again and again and again: its solo. Bodhi lets it rip here. He is expressive, bluesy and tugs at every heartstring you could possibly find in yourself. It’s a proper epic showcase of how rock guitars can be the absolute centrepiece of a song, and that’s basically why you’re here. ‘Darkest Days And Brightest Nights’ knows what it relies on and completely delivers on it. What’s not to like?


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