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Floor Zero Takes It To The 80s On New Single

Nov 16, 05:08pm

‘Blood And Neon’ is a strong, albeit theatrical take

What goes around comes around, they say. Influences recycle. The world is caught in a lopp of- never mind. Floor Zero is a Bangalore-based band. The first single from their upcoming debut album (out this month) is called ‘Blood And Neon’ and it is a decidedly loving homage to the late 80s and early 90s. Remember that time? Just before grunge and just after disco? It was a time of music that soaked itself in sentiment while being completely against the sentimental music that came just before it. Many terms were bandied around in that time, post-punk being one of the most popular. But at the end of the day, all that re-hashed antidisestablishmentarianism (it’s a stretch, but it’s a great word) was just a cover for sweet, raw pop-rock music. And this is what the band does to a T.

‘Blood And Neon’ echoes R.E.M and other pop music of the 90s, but its presentation is much more rooted in the previous decade. Drums are loud and booming, one guitar melody dominates the tune, and the vocals are more contemplative than soaring. But this is a great way to go these days. The song is excellently written, the performances are right, and most importantly, the track retains that midway point between being too quiet and letting loose, which is perfect. The band does go into a bit of classic rock on their instrumental section, and the production is a bit sterile for the genre, but what they have done is get the feeling down. This is ‘rainy morning music’ from a time gone by, and hearing it again is a treat.


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