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Friends From Moon Comes Out With A Superb Halloween-Themed Cover

Nov 22, 05:31pm

It’s of ‘Come Together’, and it’s awesome.

Friends From Moon is the solo project of one Ritwik Shivam, a Delhi-based musician. He enjoys his prog metal, his epic prog rock odyssies but also some electronic music. His music usually represents a sort of coming together (no pun intended) of these sounds and influences, and his appropriately spooky cover of The Beatles classic ‘Come Together’ is exactly that. His approach to covering a song that is almost sacred in the rock pantheon is to deviate from the sonic structure entirely and focus on some sort of interpretation of its lyrics. And the results are oh-so fun.

This cover is supposed to be Halloween-themed, and its slightly tongue-in-cheek arrangement suggests so. It alternates between a dark, industrial section that has the lyrics of the song’s verse, more yelled than sung, which drives the sound home well and a quieter bit which details the hook. The fun is taken up a couple of notches towards the song’s end, though. The electronic aesthetic melts into a heavy, melodic arena-metal version of the verse, complete with absolutely huge guitars and drums, and soaring vocals to boot. This explosion is a great way to cap things off and is what gives this cover its real punch. It’s altogether a short song, but a wild ride nonetheless.


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