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Dhi Harmony Brings A Sense Of Warmth And Familiarity To His New Track

Apr 18, 01:32pm

‘Zameen’ doesn’t do anything groundbreaking, but it’s good, and that’s what matters

Kolkata artist Dhi Harmony has been hustling for a short while, but that hard work has put him on the map. He’s been putting out singles every couple months, jumping across genres within the indie pop space. He’s won a couple of composing competitions. He produces his work, he sings and he collaborates with a bunch of artists. So the effort is there. His new single is called ‘Zameen’ and it’s a relatively accessible and familiar-sounding song. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Artists start out these days wanting to put out something redefining from Day 1; music that doesn’t sound like anything else or genres that haven’t been explored much before. Dhi has no intention of doing that on this song. It’s just a simple concept with a focus on execution. It doesn’t have to hide behind the premise of being pathbreaking if it’s solid. Listeners love a good, relatable tune. So it’s sensible.

The main flavours of this track are mainly sort of pop with some rock influences. The recording quality is fantastic, and the little acoustic guitar that brings the track to its halfway mark is rather lovely. This song has pretty wistful subject matter too, which makes sense. It’s about a person in a big city missing their roots in the mountains. So, what carries this stuff best? A ballad! ‘Zameen’ delivers on that front with a plodding tempo, some epic bass playing and of course, the inevitable musical sunrise towards the song’s conclusion. Dhi smartly starts adding some very nice chords and some electric guitar parts to telegraph what comes next. What comes next is a big ol’ arena rock solo with some real grit and a sense of ‘bigness’. He even drops everything out for the last minute, bringing back the acoustic; this is proper rock writing done well. Music sometimes doesn’t need to be more than it is, and ‘Zameen’ is simply a nice little emotional rock song. Isn’t that enough?


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