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RANJ And CLIFR Remind Us Of The Time We Live In - Fun Ones

Apr 23, 04:18pm

Your nostalgia is fine, but ‘UNO’ is undeniably today’s cool music

Nostalgia is not a great word these days. It conjures up memories of a world that was completely different socially and sonically. Let’s make this very clear. ‘UNO’ the new single from indie’s new cool R&B artists RANJ (she sings and writes) and CLIFR (he writes and produces) has no intention to convert people. You might not be a fan of the trap drums, 808s and slack-jawed delivery of what is now pop, but you cannot ignore the youthful exuberance of what you will hear on this tune. It does do something that music decidedly didn’t do that much over the last decade of pop, which was have fun. This is fun. So have fun!

RANJ seems to be taking a lot of cues from fantastic current-day artists like Jazmine Sullivan (go check out her album too, by the way) in that she sits in the pocket as if she was born there, her vocal stylings are very, very laid-back and she exudes a metric f-ton of personality. This song is one to go down a proverbial highway to while looking proverbially excellent in a sense, and that sense of luxury is the production. CLIFR brings pianos, some really lovely chords and some pretty bulletproof grooves. ‘UNO’ is a track for you to imagine your best self in a way. Sure, maybe it’s not the place in the real world, but in your head, you’ll find one.


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