• Mon, Dec 11, 2023

Rushaki Ghosh Has An Eye For The Dramatic On Her Expressive Single

Apr 11, 05:36pm

‘Icarus’ is a good, powerful entry for your next indie film project

Rushaki Ghosh is based in Delhi and makes moody, electronic-tinged pop music. She’s good at it, of course; her vocals are always strong and her writing is always solid. This new single is called ‘Icarus’ and yes, while it does reference the character from mythology, it presents it in a more modern way. There’s glitchy electronics (from downtempo? Electronica?) and of course, good vocals… most importantly, there’s a strong sense of atmosphere to it. That isn’t a nice word to use; it’s just nebulous and a bit of fluff, but in this case it is palpable.

The song generates its vibe from some really nice piano chords. There’s some really cool textural stuff that surrounds it, like some repeating synth lines and what sounds like tuneful Morse code. By the time the brooding groove kicks in, Rushaki has already added some vocal layers (the harmonies are pretty wonderful). The track gives itself a nice little sunrise in its last minute, bringing all the colour out and then back in with an orchestral quality. ‘Icarus’ is only three minutes long but does a lot what a little. And of course, if you peel the layers back, it’s a strong piano ballad. Good stuff.


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