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Discovering Sri- Listen

Mar 27, 02:34am

Discovering Sri, a singer-songwriter from Bombay. 
 Photo Courtesy: Srijit Bhowmick, Sofar


Sri a.k.a Srijit Bhowmick, singer-songwriter from Bombay writes songs about heartbreaks, poetic misadventures of the downtrodden, or the ordinary boorishness and humdrum existence of everyday life. Bhowmick, 23, has a knack for storytelling and a strong sense of melody that make some of his tunes infectious, enough to merit him as an upcoming artist to watch out for. His list of 4 songs on Soundcloud seem to suggest a state of melancholy that may be part of his own discovery process as a songwriter. 

Listen to more of Sri's music on Soundcloud here 



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