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This new music by Proteesh Ravi is worth a listen

Mar 25, 06:38pm

Proteesh Ravi of "AMQ" & "Ink of Bard" drops new music
 Photo Courtesy: Pranay Ravi, Proteesh Ravi

Proteesh Ravi, a diligent musician, prolific artist, co-producing several set-ups including “Ink of Bard” with Anokha S. Kumar and post-rock outfit “A Mutual Question”, has released new music under his new electronic project “Agartha & the real world”.


“The music in Agartha is a product of two years of learning the nuances of electronic music”, says Ravi while describing plans in the coming months including a solo acoustic effort. Primarily a singer and guitar player, he believes “Agartha & the real world” is a first for him in every way from composing to production and everything in between.


Owing to tough logistics I dropped the idea of collaborating for this project and started on my own
- Proteesh Ravi

Ravi, 27 elaborates how the theme of this current project revolves around the hollow earth theory proposed by 17th century geologists. The name of this underground world is Agartha. He has dropped 3 songs on his soundcloud. Listen here



01 Ghosts too

02 Caves from Shambala

03 Nirvana Vimana


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