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Dosser's Urge Release Single

Apr 21, 01:14pm

Shillong-based rock band Dosser's Urge recently released their newest single 'Karma', available for free download online. We spoke to front man and guitarist David Kom about the new single and the band is up to.
 Photo Courtesy: Toshi Longchar

Shillong-based rock band Dosser’s Urge have released their latest single ‘Karma’, up for free download, as promised. The latest track masquerades as a single at the moment, but could be part of an upcoming record the band is working on. “I wrote this song based off of my experiences.” Vocalist and guitarist David Kom told us about ‘Karma’, “I am 25 right now, and I’ve had my share of being chutiya and having chutiya fun [laughing]. So, the song is basically about ‘what goes around comes around’. But, keeping that in mind I’m not trying too hard, I’m just letting things happen. I’m not trying to be a goood person or anything, I’m just going with the flow.”

‘Karma’ was recorded at Dimapur’s Element Indie Studio with Kevi Pucho, who will also be directing the upcoming music video for the band’s single ‘Mother’. “The writing was done around January,” David told us, “And, it was recorded this month. It’s always nice working Kevi, and I’m really thankful to Keith. The management has been kind enough to help us out. As a matter of fact Keith helped us a lot with our first EP. So, we’re really grateful to Keith for helping us out with our EP and now with these singles. And of course, we love Kevi’s work with production and stuff, so we always wanted to work with him.”

For now, Dosser’s Urge set their sights up to live shows within the metros and outside of the north east. “Man, we are tired of playing in the north east only for the last few years.” David told us, “We’ve always wanted to play in Delhi and down south, that would be nice. Meet new people, and share new experiences.”

Listen to 'Karma' by Dosser's Urge below:

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