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Drum legend Dave Weckl to headline twin jazz concert in New Delhi

Feb 08, 04:20pm

In another conscious push to bring down legendary drummers to India, Teamwork Arts' Jazz India Circuit will host the American jazz fusion drummer in the national capital. 

Jazz India Circuit (JIC), Teamwork Arts' live music entity, ended its previous calendar year in Goa with one of the biggest names in the global drum community - Jojo Mayer. The effort signified the plans to follow in 2018. Just over two months later, JIC looks forward to host Mayer's American counterpart Dave Weckl in New Delhi for the first of its twin concerts as part of the Delhi edition. Weckl will be joined by leading jazz players, mostly from Europe (Denmark, Luxembourg, United Kingdom), Middle East (Israel) and South Asia (India). 


Weckl will be joined by the sensational young bassist Mohini Dey, who has lately collaborated with Steve Vai and Guthrie Govan. Abhijith Nair, Sandeep Mohan and Joe Johnson will also feature in the Weckl's elaborate line-up. Having been named by Modern Drummer magazine as "one of the 25 best drummers of all time", Weckl's dynamic and diverse drumming finally makes its way to India.


The 2017-18 season of the Jazz India Circuit, organised by performing arts entertainment company Teamwork Arts, is all about getting into the groove, the subtleties of rhythm, and the power of percussion with legendary jazz drummers headlining an electrifying series of concerts across the country.Dave Weckl becomes third high profile drummer to represent JIC's 2017-18 plan of 'getting into the groove' and promoting the power of percussion with electrifying series of concerts revolving around jazz drummers. Joost Lijbaart (Delhi) and Jojo Mayer (Goa) were the other two. 


Announcing the Delhi Edition of Jazz India Circuit, Sanjoy Roy, M.D, Teamwork Arts said, “We are delighted to have the jazz season roll into Delhi. Jazz India Circuit is a dynamic musical journey and with each performance, the performing legends lend momentum to it. Our effort is to get the best of jazz to discerning audiences and include more cities under the JIC fold.”


Also performing are The Diaspora House, a project that combines original music by Udi Shlomo (drummer, arranger and composer) bringing the diversity of Ashkenazi (East European), Sefaradi (Spanish) and Mizrachi (Arabic) Jewish music in new arrangements while preserving the unique sound of jazz and world music; Pascal Schumacher whose prowess with the vibraphone is a musical delight; prize-winning classical prodigy on the piano John Law who is acclaimed for his work in in a wide variety of contemporary jazz projects, from solo piano concerts and albums through trio and quartet tours and recordings to large scale works for his semi-classical ensemble Cornucopia; and Danish guitarist, composer and improviser Alex Jonnson who is recognized in the world of jazz both as a composer and a soloist.


The concert will be held at One Golden Mile in New Delhi on the 17th and 18th of February. Tickets will be available on www.jazzindiacircuit.com.



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