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Dualism Records Release Their Second Album, Subterra

Feb 24, 04:41pm

Dualism Records, launched by Dualist Inquiry, release Subterra, a compilation album featuring a range of electronica musicians. 

Dualism Records, the label launched by Delhi’s resident indie electronica magician, Dualist Inquiry a.k.a. Sahej Bakshi, have released Subterra, a compilation of eight tracks featuring some of the most exciting Indian indie electronica musicians currently running the circuit. Subterra is available for free download online; it is the second release by Dualism Records and, with the range of artists and producers working on the record, you never know what you are going to get. The compilation includes songs by Delhi-based producer Frame/Frame, Sandunes from Mumbai, funk/nu disco duo Madboy/Mink, Pune-based DJ and producer Big City Harmonics, Mumbai DJ and producer Nanok, DJ Su Real, Your Chin and Dualist Inquiry.

The very prolific and versatile producer, composer, guitarist and indie electronica musical demon that is Dualist Inquiry launched Dualism Records along with his debut album, Doppelganger, last year in an effort to create a platform for fans to discover new music and for artists to reach out to a wider audience along with the promise of free music. This is the first compilation to be released by the label; in the words of Sahej Bakshi, “Subterra marks the first step in a larger effort that we've wanted to undertake for a long time. We've seen such incredible growth in independent electronic music in India over the last few years, and it was after hearing the amazing quality of music my peers are making that we decided to start this label. Our aim is to make it easier for Indian music lovers to discover their next favorite artist, and for artists to also be able to reach out to a larger audience more quickly. Subterra focuses on some of the most unique and exciting electronic music released in India over the last year, and we're looking forward to taking this initiative further in the years to come."

Stream Subterra by Dualism Records below:

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