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Handa Makes It Short And Sweet

Aug 05, 05:23pm

His single ‘Tumhare Bina’ is just two minutes of really simple material that gets stuck in your head

Pianist-singer-songwriter Handa has been enjoying a rise in popularity over the last year or two with a string of strong singles to his name. This new tune, ‘Tumhare Bina’ is probably the shortest little piece of earworm-causing pop you’ll hear; just some piano, really basic instrumentation, and his smooth vocals. It’s probably short enough that you could technically finish the song by the time you finish this buzz piece about it. But that’s part of its charm.

The piano and keys, as one would expect given his training, is actually what carries the song. The chords are silky smooth and complement his equally laid-back delivery. The drum sounds are so simple you could think he made them on his keyboard, but they complement the equally skeletal arrangement. There are bits of strings and guitars that come in and out of the track, but except for that it is exactly what it says on the tin; a simple little bit of pop that is almost custom-made to put on during to work commute (at some point) and just play on loop for a while. Sometimes, music doesn’t have to be more than that, and ‘Tumhare Bina’ takes that to heart. That's enough talk, go listen.


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