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Komorebi Drops A Tearjerker

Aug 07, 06:33pm

Her single ‘Chanda’ is sad, forlorn fun
 Photo Courtesy: Yeashu Yuvraj

Komorebi is a name most of us in the indie scene know of, and her musical talent is one of the most obvious reasons for it. She has an impressive catalogue; her silky vocals and top-notch songwriting make her one of the strongest artists to come out of the indie singer-songwriter wave that dominated the scene for part of the last decade. Her new single ‘Chanda’ sees her continue her great form with a song that will have you reaching for a handkerchief in no time flat.

Most of this comes from the quiet, breathy vocal delivery she employs. The equally atmospheric instrumentation sounds pretty much like it came out of a Massive Attack B-side, and its warm but dark sounds are the perfect complement. She sings about sadness here, and even her choice of long, sustained notes goes over so well. There aren’t huge shifts in energy from section to section, with the chorus showing itself just by a tiny little change in the chords and the droning synths that back her voice up showing a bit more colour. This is alternative pop and downtempo done right, and while that is no surprise, the iron grip she keeps on the music surrounding her is something to appreciate. ‘Chanda’ is a success on all fronts.


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