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The Puncher Shop Goes Long-Form On Debut Single

Aug 09, 05:42pm

‘The Specter’ is something of a stoner rock journey with some panache

Bangalore three-piece The Puncher Shop is putting out a pretty confident debut with their multifaceted first single ‘The Specter’. Artists usually stick to their bread and butter when they first show themselves to the world, and if this is something this band can do on a regular basis, then the indie scene is in for a fun next few years of releases. There is freedom on ‘The Specter’; a willingness to spend time in grooves and riffs and an equal understanding of knowing when to explode and allow the energy to flow. This is impressive.

‘The Specter’ is pretty much a long stoner rock track, which is why it has its relatively loose playing, elastic sense of time and the pedestrian tempo that it does. This slow grooving really allows the monster distorted chords to have the weight of a slab of rock falling on your ear (in the best way possible, needless to say), and those moments on this track are well worth the ten minute runtime. A lot of people would say that’s a really long song to listen to, let alone a debut, but with the genre cues The Puncher Shop is taking, it is pretty much the shortest track you could make. There have to be the ups and downs, the quiet interlude before the song’s last, triumphant freak-out in its last third, and the lumbering weight of the sounds. Though it’s pretty rough around the edges as far as performances are concerned, it obviously sounds perfect in this context. ‘The Specter’ is a must-listen.


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