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Davesar And Glass Lord Come Together On Evocative Single

Aug 11, 05:03pm

‘All I Need’ is a simplistic and mellow pop tune, but its atmosphere takes it up a notch

Nakul Sharma is one half of the duo Burudu, and Davesar is his solo project. ‘All I Need’ is his third single featuring LA musician Glass Lord, and while it does show his panache as a songwriter, it is the production that really gives it that extra oomph. Many an artist skimps on sonics in favour of just pure songwriting, and there are times where that works excellently, but the nuanced approach Davesar takes towards building up the instrumentation that backs up his and Glass Lord’s vocals takes this song from a relaxed jam to something you can actually listen to many times.

There is a fair variety of sounds used here. It starts with piano chords, strings and some reverb backing Nakul’s deep-set vocals. In fact, probably the only common thread here is the shuffling, laid-back groove that changes in sound but not in form through the song’s three and a half minutes. Shout out to the bassline here too; it’s a treat once you hear it peeking through everything else. The rest of the flavour on here comes from a bunch of synths and ambience that all cuts out once Glass Lord brings his modern, clean delivery to his section. Sounds start to bleed back in towards the song’s conclusion, which features a fuzzy synth and some vocal layering. There really isn’t anything mind-bending about the structuring of the track per se, but it’s always great to hear an idea just executed well. ‘All I Need’ is exactly that.


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