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Iris 13 Brings The Aggression

Oct 03, 04:39pm

Their single ‘Cosmic Fire’ shows a snapshot of what is to come

It’s not easy to nail the more progressive side of the metal spectrum even though there are an almost unlimited number of influences to be had. Nevertheless, Ranchi band Iris 13 gives it a hell of a go on their pulsating single ‘Cosmic Fire’. What they attempt to do is by no means a simple task; they go with some sort of bridge between metalcore and prog metal. They do take a relatively modern approach to both genres and come out all right in the end, but it’s fair to say that the fact that they even tried is worth enough merit. While a bit rough around the edges, the single does show great potential and good understanding. That’s more than most could ask for.

There is some solid playing on this. The riffs adhere to the general melodic structure of metalcore (the whole heavy-melodic-clean thing) and the grooves are legitimately furious. The production is much more in the modern prog tradition with barely any noise or warmth to be found, but the very ‘clean’ and sterile approach works well enough. The vocals are appropriately brash as well, which tick another box in the band’s list. It’s the songwriting that might polarize some people; the quick switch-ups and very deliberate lack of context for the track’s breakdowns would sound slightly fragmented to some. But the breakdowns are, after all, a time to let loose, and that the band does. There’s some serious headbanging to be had before everything switches up again into the next section. While it might sound a bit all over the place in structure, what is important about ‘Cosmic Fire’ is that Iris 13 shows they can do all they set out to. That’s potential, and some writing later, those flashes of quality might bear sweeter fruit. But the foundations are very much there.


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