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Mahamaari By Swadesi Points Fingers In Required Directions

May 28, 02:00pm

Mumbai-based multilingual crew Swadesi return with a gritty single that takes a critical, in-depth look at how Indian society has reacted to the COVID-19 pandemic. 
 Photo Courtesy: Samarth Shirke

One of the few artists from the Indian hip-hop scene that has built its brand on offering 'outspoken and bold' political viewpoints from the heart of the Indian youth - Swadesi are relentless in their pursuit of speaking truth to power. Mahamaari, the group's latest single, features Bengali-Hindi rapper Maharya and Mawali, one of Maharashtra's finest lyricists.
The hard-hitting track dives deep into the failings of the government in dealing with the pandemic and the general population's subservience to an administration that has obviously failed in carrying out their core duties. 

Produced by WhayL, Mahamaari is a refreshing change from the trap-based productions currently flooding the airwaves - going back to the humble beginnings of the Indian hip-hop of vocals being recorded over phones.


Watch the lyric video below:


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