• Sat, Jun 19, 2021

New Single BELIEVE By Sharad Singh Is Simply Beautiful

Jun 01, 04:18pm

Singer-songwriter Sharad Singh drops a beautiful new single called "Believe"
 Photo Courtesy: Sharad SIngh, Xubaan

Singer-songwriter and musician Sharad Singh who is also part of the band "Xubaan" has dropped a new single called "Believe" as a solo effort. The refreshingly melodic song feels uplifting and in many ways alleviating in these difficult times. 


“I believe in ghosts and flying cars, I believe In toys that talk and life on mars I believe”
From the song "Believe"- Sharad Singh


“Believe” strides through a tastefully produced guitar-driven sound with coming-of-age lyrical quality, fervent vocal delivery and songwriting. Out on YouTube, the visual representation of the song is an edited collection of artworks/ animations belonging to respective artists from GIPHY put together by Jugal Shrivastava. 

Singh promises to release the song on all streaming platforms shortly. 


Watch the video for “Believe” below:



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