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Mood Indigo Livewire 2014 Registrations Open

Sep 30, 02:07pm

IIT Bombay's Mood Indigo festival is to be held from December 26 to 29; announcing registrations for Livewire 2014 - one of Asia's biggest semi-professional band events - open for bands from cities across the country, and Kathmandu (Nepal), and Colombo (Sri Lanka).

IIT Bombay's famed cultural festival, Mood Indigo's 44th edition is to be held from December 26 to 29, and has also begun registrations of bands for Livewire 2014 – the festival's semi-professional band competition – as of September 15. This year, Mood Indigo plans on taking Livewire across the country and to Nepal and Sri Lanka; in effect becoming one of Asia’s biggest semi-professional band events. The first leg of Livewire is set to travel across Bangalore, Guwhati, Kathmandu, Delhi, Colombo, Kolkata, and Mumbai, through October and November; witnessing the ten selected bands from the registered names playing for their local crowds. The registration deadlines for each city are listed on the official Mood Indigo website.

Spanning over three months, Livewire will select three finalists to open for an international act set to play at Mood Indigo on 'Livewire Night', along with the opportunity to win a slew prizes including, cash prizes, equipment vouchers, gigs across Hard Rock Cafes in Asia, music videos, and more. The winning band from among the finalists will earn themselves a slot at Nouvelle Prague - one of the best music showcase festivals and conferences in the Czech Republic.

Regarded as one of the biggest semi-professional band events, Livewire has been showcasing emerging talent from the Indian independent music scene for over three decades. Having played as a boosting stage for bands like progressive rockers Motherjane, Delhi-based rock act Parikrama, Bombay-based progressive experimental rock band Zero, metal heavy weights Bhayanak Maut, and Demonic Ressurection, in the past; Livewire is the most promising stage a young and aspiring band should have the experience of playing on.

Bands can visit the official Livewire website for further details on registration regulations and deadlines.

Visit the official Mood Indigo Facebook page for further information on Mood Indigo.

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